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We also provide repair service for parts not listed in our catalog, if you do not find your specific part in our catalog/database please contact us for more information.

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OEM 5 Part Number Description Exchange
X-Rite  706 04-89 X-Rite 706 04-89 PCB
X-Rite  710-146 X-rite 710-146 PCB Control..
Xycom  9460 Xycom P/N 9460-0103120011002 Control
Xycom  3510-23F11 Xycom 3510-23F11 Control color monitor..
Xycom  PM101587 Xycom PM101587 Model 9487 Control
Xycom  5091-100100002442 Xycom Automation 5091- T P/N 5091-100100002442 Industrial Computer
Xycom  70653-303 B Xycom 70653-303 B Master PCB..
Xycom  XVME-690 CPU Xycom Xembedded XVME-690 CPU processor card
Xycom  70653-313 Xycom 70653-313 Master board..
Xycom  XVME-977 Xycom XVME-977 Mass storage, plug-in..
Xycom  70653-314 Xycom 70653-314 Master PCB..
YAMABISHI  SF-PW Power supply
YAMAHA  SRCH-05 Yamaha SRCH-05 Servo Control Unit
YAMAHA  SRCH-15 Yamaha SRCH-15 Servo control unit
YAMAHA  KD1-77C-180 Yamaha KD1-77C-180 Motor Control
YAMAHA  SRCA2 Yamaha SRCA2 Motor controller
YAMAHA  SPCX 05 Yamaha SPCX 05 Robot Control unit
YAMAHA  RCX222 Yamaha RCX222 Driver..
YAMAHA  KE-M5810 KE8-M5810 Motion Controller
Yamatake  SRF200 Yamatake SRF200 Chart recorder
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