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We also provide repair service for parts not listed in our catalog, if you do not find your specific part in our catalog/database please contact us for more information.

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OEM 5 Part Number Description Exchange
YASKAWA  JANCD-FC850 Yaskawa JANCD-FC850 Control PCB
YASKAWA  JANCD-JSP04 Yaskawa JANCD-JSP04 Operator control PCB
YASKAWA  SGDM-08ADAY360 Yaskawa SGDM-08ADAY360 Servopack..
YASKAWA  SGDV-170D01A Yaskawa SGDV-170D01A Servo drive, 400V, 60Hz, 12A
YASKAWA  CIMR-G5U4030 Yaskawa CIMR-G5U4030 Vector Motor driver..
YASKAWA  CDBR-4045 Yaskawa CDBR-4045 Brake unit..
YASKAWA  CIMR-M5A27P50 Yaskawa CIMR-M5A27P50 spindle drive
YASKAWA  CPCR-INI 5B Yaskawa CPCR-INI 5B motor control ..
YASKAWA  SGDV-120D01A002000 Yaskawa SGDV-120D01A002000 Motor control..
YASKAWA  CIMR-VSM2015 Yaskawa Varispeed 626VM3 Spindle VFD CIMR-VSM2015 - 220V 3 Phase / 24 kVA Output....
YASKAWA  CIMR-MR5N4018 Yaskawa CIMR-MR5N4018 Inverter..
YASKAWA  VS-656MR5 Yaskawa VS-656MR5 Converter
YASKAWA  VS-626M5 Yaskawa VS-626M5 Motor controller
YASKAWA  CPCC-DD162A-1 Yaskawa CPCC-DD162A-1
YASKAWA  CIMR-MTII-15K Yaskawa CIMR-MTII-15K Spindle drive
YASKAWA  CIMR-F7U43P7 Yaskawa CIMR-F7U43P7 motor Control..
YASKAWA  XD-20-MS Yaskawa Eshed Technology XD-20-MS XtraDrive
YASKAWA  SGDV-330A01A Yaskawa Sigma SGDV-330A01A Servo drive..
YASKAWA  SGDH-15AE Yaskawa SGDH-15AE Motor control
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