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We also provide repair service for parts not listed in our catalog, if you do not find your specific part in our catalog/database please contact us for more information.

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OEM Part Number 5 Description Exchange
RAYOWAC  Control board
QUADREX PPC  Inficon partial pressue control
JEFFREY  613377/613378 Jeffrey 613377/613378 Firing module
ATLAS  614016 Atlas 614016 Servonode
EPE  6736175XD-1B-2B EPE 6736175XD-1B-2B Control PCB
BOBST  701-1554-04 BOBST 701-1554-04 ..701YQ (701XY) PCB
FANUC  A06B-6079-H206A Fanuc A06B-6079-H206A Servo Module
ARTISAN  EPC-13307 Artisan Controls EPC-13307 PCB
HASHIMOTO  HSAC-1 Hashimoto HSAC-1 Control PCB
ICS  ICSU04006 Universal Solid State Relay AC/DC
PENTA KB POWER  KBRG-225D/240D Penta KB Power KBRG-225D/240D DC Drive
QUAD TECH  KeyBoard/Display Assy
AUTOMATION IGNITION  LH33WP003A Automation Ignition LH33WP003A
BOWE SYSTEC  SNT530400 Bowe Systec SNT530400
FIREFLY  Type 0-A (P) Firefly Type 0-A (P) Control PCB
Unknown  00.781.3384/02 LTM1000 M-600 Fountain ink driver
BAU-SEITE  00.781.3605 Bau-Seite 00.781.3605 Motor control
HEIDELBERG  00.781.3764 Heidelberg SSK2 00.781.3764 Control PCB
BAU-SEITE  00.781.4754 Bau-Seite KLM4-1 00.781.4754 Motor controller
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