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We also provide repair service for parts not listed in our catalog, if you do not find your specific part in our catalog/database please contact us for more information.

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OEM 5 Part Number Description Exchange
ABB  GJR5253100R3162 ABB GJR5253100R3162 PLC
ABB  ATS46C25N ABB ATS46C25N Soft Start
ABB  ACH550-UH-059A4
ABB  GNT2009446R0007 ABB 05MA21G GNT2009446R0007 Axodyn servo drive
ABB  GN500-2426/0003 ABB GN500-2426/0003 Motor Controller
ABB  T4N250BW T4N250BW ABB 250A 3-Pole Molded case breaker
ABB  CS501-025-4-00P51 ABB P/N CS501-025-4-00P51 Motor control
ABB  SSA250-481 ABB SSA250-481 Soft Start
ABB  733A013D ABB 733A013D Module
ABB  57619261E ABB 57619261E Control PCB..
ABB  05 MA 230 ABB Axodyn 05 MA 230 Drive Control (GNT2009455R0001)
ABB  ACH401602035 ABB ACH401602035 Motor Controller
ABB  SNAZ-4041 ABB SNAZ-4041
ABB  DKH-E 2201/KSY ABB DKH-E 2201/KSY Servo Drive
ABB  NPBA-80 ABB NPBA-80 Controller
ABB  Y37227-22 ABB P/N Y37227-22 Display assy...
ABB  58913791 ABB 58913791 Power Supply
ABB  3NHF00313-1 ABB TPU 2 3NHF00313-1 Robot Welder Pendant
ABB  3HNA00313-1 ABB 3HNA00313-1 each Pendant
ABB  3HAB8101-18/09A ABB 3HAB8101-18/09A InMotion Robot control, Rectifier unit
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