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We also provide repair service for parts not listed in our catalog, if you do not find your specific part in our catalog/database please contact us for more information.

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OEM 5 Part Number Description Exchange
ABB  05 MA 230 ABB Axodyn 05 MA 230 Drive Control (GNT2009455R0001)
ABB  NPBA-80 ABB NPBA-80 Controller
ABB  Y37227-22 ABB P/N Y37227-22 Display assy...
ABB  GN500-2426/0003 ABB GN500-2426/0003 Motor Controller
ABB  3NHF00313-1 ABB TPU 2 3NHF00313-1 Robot Welder Pendant
ABB  3HNA00313-1 ABB 3HNA00313-1 each Pendant
ABB  3HAB8101-18/09A ABB 3HAB8101-18/09A InMotion Robot control, Rectifier unit
ABB  8C414500002RH2NC ABB 8C414500002RH2NC Encoder
ABB  DCS800-S01-0125-05 ABB DCS800-S01-0125-05 DC motor controller
ABB  ACS850-04-225A-5+J414+7501+P91 ABB ACS850-04-225A-5+J414+7501+P91 Motor Control..
ABB  ACX550-U0-075A-2 ABB ACX550-U0-075A-2 Motor Control..
ABB  ACS550-U1-038A-4 ABB ACS550-U1-038A-4 Motor control..
ABB  ACS355-03U-05A6-4 ABB ACS355-03U-05A6-4 Drive..
ABB  ACS550-U1-124A-4 ABB P/N ACS550-U1-124A-4 Vector control motor drive..
ABB  ACS355-09A8-2 ABB ACS355-09A8-2 Drive..
ABB  ACS320-03U-05A6-4 ABB ACS320-03U-05A6-4 Motor Control..
ABB  NAIO-03 ABB NAIO-03 Communication module
ABB  ACS550-U1-08A8-4 ABB ACS550-U1-08A8-4 Drive..
ABB  1SAY130130R0100 ABB 1SAY130130R0100 Power PCB..
ABB  MFE460A006 ABB MFE460A006 servo control
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