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Industrial Control Solutions Inc. is offering replacements for obsolete
OEM parts. Those parts will help maintenance personnel in repairing or
servicing a variety of drives. You will find the list of available items
by searching our parts catalog

Due to overwhelming requests by our customers, we are manufacturing modules to replace obsolete OEM parts, which are vital for repairing or servicing AC/DC and Servo Drives.

OEM Original part ICS part Datasheet
Fuji EXB357 ICS MD345  
Mitsubishi DK434M ICS MD434  
Mitsubishi DK464A ICS MD464  
Mitsubishi M57951 ICS MD57951  
Mitsubishi M57918 ICS MD57918  
Sanyo SH1074 ICS HM1074  

Please click on the ICS part number to see pictures of the ICS part, the obsolete module and how it was utilized.

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