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Our technical personnel are dedicated to providing you with the fastest and most reliable electronic repair service in the industry. We are the leader in repair for both foreign and domestic built boards and units, with Mitsubishi, Sanyo-Denki, Fanuc, Yaskawa, Elmo and Compumotor being some of the manufactures we service.

Items received by ICS will never be farmed out to any third party electronic repair service so that we are completely responsible for the quality of your repair and can answer any questions you might have about the unit.

One question that always is asked by a maintenance supervisor is whether to replace or repair a unit, here at ICS the answer is simple, repair the unit. In most cases it will not only reduce the machinery maintenance costs, but also decrease your factory down time by not having to wait for a new replacement unit.

To also speed up the repair process even more, ICS has hundreds of data files, schematics and software available to our technicians to make use of if needed.

If, in the off chance, we don't have the necessary information, our reverse engineering personnel will gather it from either the unit that is being repaired or obtain it directly from the OEM.

By utilizing Industrial Control Solutions, Inc as your electronic repair service vendor, you'll not only enjoy friendly and reliable service, but other benefits as well, such as Repair Services, Custom Product Development and our Exchange Program.

Please look through our searchable database for more information on what units we have serviced. If you do not find the unit needing to be repaired, please call us at (502) 493-1352.

ICS will estimate the price to repair the received item(s) at no cost to you. Repair and testing will start only after you approve the price and submit a purchase order.
You will receive estimated cost of repair within 24 Hrs after ICS receives the item(s) to be repaired

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