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ICS CC01-12 cables are direct replacements for damaged ones, which allow maintenance or engineering personnel to use this cable on the factory floor when needed to adapt widely used RS232-RS485 communications for PLC programming or other needs.
The ICS CC01-12™ RS232-RS485 cables are manufactured by ICS, Inc.

ICS designed Communication Cable RS232- RS485,         Click to enlarge!

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We have in stock and ready for immediate delivery overlays for HAYSSEN packaging machines

Overlay for HAYSSEN packaging machines, Click to enlarge!

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In 1998 ICS, Inc designed the Encoder Test Meter (ICS Inc. Part# 0745-56) to test a variety of position encoders. This tool was designed for factory maintenance personnel to troubleshoot machinery problems.

By using the ICS 0745-56 Encoder Test Meter, your maintenance crew will easily troubleshoot any problem on a machine without having to remove the servo-motor from your machinery.

Using this tester will help your company to avoid any unnecessary shipment of electrical motors to repair companies because of an encoder problem. We can offer you a variety of adapters to connect the ICS 0745-56 to different types of linear encoders.

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