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Discover how to easy it is to implement our Solid State Relays in to your new design or to replace those mechanical relays in older designs.
Guaranteed: No more worrying about heat sinks; our SSR will deliver maximum current to the load, without heat sinks.
Proven reliability of our relays will bring the highest quality to your work.
Save more with our relays: Our SSRs are longer lasting and more dependable than any mechanical counterpart.

By design, the electrical characteristics of our new Solid State Relays are by far better than corresponding electrical characteristics of solid state relays available on today's market.
In addition to superior characteristics, our relays are designed for direct replacement of mechanical and existing SSR's and have the industry standard footprint.

Flat and vertical models are available for a variety of applications.
All presented models can operate under DC or AC load voltage.

Currently, Industrial Control Solutions, Inc is testing new parts for our ICSR family. These new parts will offer our customers much higher ratings of AC/DC current switching capabilities - up to 60A. No matching analogs can presently be found in production. These unique parts will be made in a variety of footprints, from standard vertical to flat, and if your interested in a custom foot print, please email us at

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