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Universal Solid State Relays ICSU Series

The ICSU-Series is designed to commutate DC and AC current up to 12A on a load with voltages spanning from 0 to 426V rms. Among the numerous advantages of these relays are: a very high commutation speed, MOSFET output and a very low On-State resistance which prevents the device from incurring a loss of power and overheating due to the very low power dissipation.

These relays are manufactured in standard industry and custom packages. The product line of ICS Solid State Relays has the better electrical, temperature and timing performances compared to leading solid state relays existing today's market, which will allow designers to utilize this product lineeffortlessly to replace existing relays or in new designs to achieve higher performance and reliability.

At the present time there are no other Universal Solid State Relays with adequate parameters existing on the electronic market.

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