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   New Fanuc Panels fabricated by ICS, Inc in a process of retrofitting Fanuc CNC control centers. 

   Industrial Control Solutions, Inc is continued successfully support out of date equipment.  

   During 2008 we improved bench test station for Mitsubishi MDS series servo drives  

   Some improvement is done in Yaskawa test stations.  

   We finished design of new IGBT gate driver modules for Siemens and motor controls.  

   A visual guide to repair process for Mitsubishi Meldas MDS series PSUs (power supply units) is added on our website. The guide shows all steps of the repair process.  

   We finished design of new IGBT gate driver modules for Siemens and Sanyo-Denki motor controls. These modules are used in a Siemens 6SE7027-2ED61-Z, 6SE7021-3EB21 and Indramat DKS01.1-W100A-DL01-01 and other drives.  

   Improvement are done in Yaskawa test stations; they completely equipped with test motors and controls to check up drives Yaskawa CIMR-MTIII, CACR series after repair work is done.  

   Fast, Expert Servo Drive Repair Services. Industrial Control Solutions is an industry leader in the repair of AC & DC servo drives, servo amplifiers and servo controllers. Our custom load testing process can dynamically load test most servo drive systems, this helps us to consistently produce reliable servo drive repairs. Our servo drive repair laboratory has dedicated testing capabilities for a variety of different manufacturer's products. Find out more about servo drive repairs  

   Discover: how to easy it is to implement our Solid State Relays in to your new design or to replace those mechanical relays in older designs.
   Guaranteed: No more worrying about heat sinks; our SSR will deliver maximum current to the load without heat sinks.
   Proven reliability of our relays will bring the highest quality to your work.
Save more with our relays: Our SSRs are longer lasting and more dependable than any mechanical counterpart.  

Obsolete Parts    ICS, Inc answered our customer's demands by designing and manufacturing obsolete part replacements. Our hybrid modules are a proven alternative to the original obsolete or hard to find part. Our customers save thousands of dollars, instead of buying new equipment; they relied on ICS, Inc to bring their damaged units back to life.  

   Save money: ICS, Inc provides our customers most reliable and cost effective repair service. We will always be at least 10% less than any other proven competitor's price to repair the same unit.
Experienced technicians will not just repair but refurbish a variety of PCB's AC/DC, Servo controllers and other damaged units manufactured by a multitude of manufacturers like Mitsubishi, Yaskawa, Fuji Electric, Sanyo, Panasonic, NEC and Fanuc.  

   Warranty: we will back up any unit serviced by ICS, Inc unit with a 12 month warranty.  

   Technical support: Our mission will not end with a printed mailing label-we will call you with suggestions if we think a problem still exists on your equipment.  

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